Cookie-inställningar Vår webbplats använder cookies för att webbplatsen ska fungera korrekt och för att din användarupplevelse ska bli ännu bättre. Du kan läsa mer om dem samt konfigurera dina inställningar
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Sve Suo Eng
Sve Suo Eng

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The user can choose to block or clear cookies using their browser settings. After the user continues to browse the site after the information provided to him and the opportunities for influence offered, the user accepts the setting of cookies


A cookie is a small, unnamed user-specific text file that is stored on a user’s web browser. A cookie contains a unique identifier that identifies a web browser visiting a website (e.g. when a user returns to a website they have previously visited). The cookie can only be used later by the server that stored it and will not damage the user’s device. A cookie alone cannot be used to personally identify a user

We use cookies to collect information about how and when we use our website: for example, from which page the user went to the website, when and what user of our website browsed, what browser the user uses, the resolution of the user’s screen, the operating system of the device and its version.

Cookies are generally divided into session-specific and persistent cookies, session-specific cookies expire when the user terminates the web service, persistent cookies remain in the browser for a certain period of time or until the user deletes them.


We use cookies to analyze the use of the website and to optimize the user experience.

Opportunities for influence

By using our website, you consent to the processing of data as described above. If you wish, you may refuse the use of cookies or browse websites by using their private browsing experience (“Private Browsing”, “Incognito” or “InPrivate”) so that no information is stored about the pages you visit.

You can clear your cookie history from your web browser settings. In this case, the identifier stored in the web browser and the network behavior profile based on it are deleted. This does not prevent new cookies from being stored in your browser. For more information about deleting and blocking cookies, see the instructions from the browser manufacturer.

Please note that the choices related to cookies are browser-specific, ie if you have more than one browser and / or terminal, you will have to make selections for them one by one.