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Sve Suo Eng
Sve Suo Eng

Sustainability is at the core of Karnell

We believe that companies that integrate sustainability into their strategy strengthen their competitiveness and are better prepared for the future

For Karnell, sustainable business practices mean striving to have a long-term business model, which among other things, integrates sustainability in the business strategy and in the governance of our group companies, as well as taking responsibility for the impact we have on people and the environment. We believe that companies that identify and handle business risks and opportunities associated with sustainability are better positioned to create long-term value.

As a result of this, we believe that a long-term and sustainable strategy should be an integrated part of the investment process and the business plan as well as in Karnell’s active ownership model. At an overall level, Karnell only acquires companies that are sustainable or has the potential to develop into a sustainable company. Furthermore, we have decided not to engage in businesses with a significant part in arms manufacturing, gambling, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, fossil fuels nor businesses with illegal economic activities or unethical business practices.

In 2021, Karnell launched sustainability work in the entire group to make ESG an integral part of our strategy and operations. Based on a materiality analysis where we considered our impact on our stakeholders and society as well as our stakeholders and society’s impact on us, we have identified our ESG focus areas (as shown in the model below) which we consider to be most decisive for the group’s long-term value creation.

Karnell’s focus-areas within sustainability

Karnell is committed to act in support of achieving the SDGs and we specifically focus on five of the goals: SDG 13 Climate Action; SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth; SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

“Karnell makes a long-term commitment when we invest”

Petter Moldenius, CEO AT Karnell

Karnell’s framework for responsible ownership and sustainable business practices

Karnell strives to have a holistic view on sustainability throughout the group and our framework for responsible ownership and sustainable business practices are based on our common focus areas within ESG.


Karnell strives to reduce climate and environmental impact by taking measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of recyclable inputs. We also want to phase out the use of fossil fuels and other products that have a negative environmental impact.

Social Aspects

Karnell strives for a good and safe working environment, with decent working conditions, in order to retain and develop the employees as well as attract new employees. Furthermore, Karnell promotes diversity and has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. 

Corporate Governance

Karnell advocates high business ethics and proactive work to prevent corruption. There shall be targeted sustainability plans that are integrated into the portfolio companies’ governance models, as well as effective control mechanisms such as a whistleblowing function at the Group level.

Policy documents and reports


We strive to maintain a transparent business climate

Karnell strives to maintain a transparent business environment and we therefore see a need for our stakeholders to be able to communicate with us via a whistleblowing function if it is discovered that we and/or the portfolio companies are acting improperly in violation of laws, rules and guidelines set. Reporting irregularities allows Karnell to correct wrongdoing and prevent it from happening again. The reporting is anonymous and is done through an external party.

To report any improper conduct, please use: