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Sve Suo Eng
Sve Suo Eng

Long-term and engaged owner of leading Nordic industrial technology companies

Karnell is a long-term and active owner of Nordic market-leading industrial technology companies in constant search of new interesting companies and partnerships.

Perpetual ownership horizon

We have a perpetual ownership horizon since we know that it takes time to develop promising companies to reach their full potential. The companies that we invest in are mainly smaller unlisted firms where the entrepreneur or founding family remains operational and/or as a co-owner.

A decentralized ownership model

We work with a decentralized ownership model where the decisions are taken locally closest to the customers, which allows the group companies to be run under their own company name and with an independent management.

Common goals and focus on results

For us it is important to have common goals and focus on results and we want to create value by driving innovation and entrepreneurship in our companies. We work together with our companies to identify and support the initiatives that creates the most value, and by being an engaged partner as well as providing knowledge about ownership and operational expertise we can support our group companies to reach their full potential.

Product-owning companies and niched manufacturers

Today, Karnell has nine group companies within two business segments (i) product-owning companies which often have their own production, development, and sales of industrial products, and (ii) niche manufacturing companies with high value-add for the customers. Common characteristics among our companies are a distinct niche focus with strong market positions and underlying growth based on attractive global industry trends.

“Every company should have a clear, ambitious growth plan which can stem from expanding the product range, international geographic expansion, new customers, and selective add-on acquisitions.”

– Petter Moldenius, ceo at Karnell

Karnell’s portfolio strategy

Every portfolio company should have a clear, ambitious growth plan that can e.g. stem from launching new products, international expansion, new customers and selective add-on acquisitions.

Decentralized Model:
Each company works with its own business plan and agenda
Should have a complete P&L and responsibility for the company
Decisions should be made close to the customer

What Karnell Contributes to the Portfolio Companies:
Strategic advice
Broad network to support long-term value creation
Extensive experience in both operational and board roles
Growth initiatives through acquisitions as well as geographical expansion
Financial support and experience from the financing market

Becoming part of Karnell

To be a part of Karnell means that you get an active and engaged ownership-partner with extensive experience from developing industrial technology companies as well as a financial partner that enables, for example, expansions and add-on acquisitions. We want Karnell to be the natural first choice when you are planning for a succession, and we want you to feel assured that you leave your company in good hands for continued future development.

We take majority positions in the companies we decide to acquire, but are flexible when it comes to ownership stake. We prefer that senior management in our group companies own part of the company together with us, and today we own everything from 60% up to 99% of our group companies.

In addition to the founders, current shareholders consist of private individuals, smaller Nordic institutions, foundations, and funds. Many of the entrepreneurs that partner with us remain in the companies to ensure a smooth succession and continuity in the business, and some have also decided to invest in Karnell as well. Today, the Karnell team consists of 11 employees based in both Stockholm and Helsinki, while the entire group employs around 500 people.


Karnell’s core values permeate the entire group.


Clear focus on sustainability, with ESG high on the agenda.


Develop a culture where everyone’s voices are heard and big as well as small ideas appreciated.

Challenge & Improve

Flexibility combined with freedom under responsibility is the key to success.

”We want Karnell to be the natural first choice for you when plans for a succession change come up and we want you to feel confident that your company will be in good hands for continued development.

– Petter moldenius, ceo at karnell

Do you want to become a part of Karnell?

Welcome to contact us.

Petter Moldenius